Additive Manufacturing: 


With more than five decades’ experience in precision manufacturing—and more than a decade in additive manufacturing alone—C&A Tool can deliver custom, turnkey precision like no one else. 

Our metal 3D printing capabilities are some of the most advanced in the industry. With Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), we can use a range of different metals to produce custom and complex parts that can be used in end-use applications.

And because we are a machine shop first—we can finish the parts we print—to tolerances that others can’t match.

Here’s the deal: Lots of companies can print parts—but then they have to send them to someone else to finish the job. This adds time and cost to the project.

At C&A Tool, we can design, prototype, print, machine, finish, and then prove our work. All 100% in-house. 

If you speak with other companies, be sure to ask if they’ll be doing the work themselves —  or shipping it out. Let us know what they say. 

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

At C&A Tool, we utilize the industry’s most advanced EOS and 3D Systems additive printers, and can print and finish parts in Titanium Ti64ELI, 17-4 Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy 718/625. We use dedicated equipment and rooms for each metal, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

And each of our machines is validated to strict ASTM standards. This time-consuming certification process ensures that the pieces we print adhere to the strictest quality and precision standards.
(Hint: Be sure to ask those other companies about ‘validation’ as well.) 

Our Expertise =
Your Competitive Advantage

As a leading contract manufacturer, we help our customers innovate—through our full spectrum of in-house capabilities—from design and rapid prototyping, to additive manufacturing, machining, finishing and metrology.

We can assist with design and engineering, then prototype in production-grade materials. This allows our clients innovate faster, overcome challenges, shorten production schedules and increase speed to market.


  • Proven Precision: We can deliver finished parts with tolerances to .001”
  • ​Increased Capacity: In 2021, we will be adding a new EOS printer with a 16-inch build envelope and 4 lasers working simultaneously.
  • ​Rapid turnaround: We can deliver patient-specific medical implants in 5 days.
  • ​We deliver high-precision, turnkey solutions for a range of industries, including Medical, Aerospace, Fuel Systems and Automotive.

Unmatched Quality

At C&A Tool, we take quality seriously. By using dedicated equipment—in dedicated rooms—for each metal we print, we greatly reduce the chance of cross-contamination. Dedicated machines also allow us to deliver parts faster.

Plus, with our clean room (coming in 2021), turnkey production, and multiple in-house metrology labs, we can deliver unmatched security and quality for patient-specific medical implant manufacturing.

Dedicated equipment, higher quality, faster turnarounds and zero outsourcing. That’s the C&A Tool difference. 


At C&A Tool, we take our commitment to precision seriously. That’s why we’ve invested in our own in-house metrology capabilities—with not just one, but eight separate labs—one for each of our divisions and in-house calibration lab.

With one of the country’s most extensive collections of metrology equipment, we truly deliver Proven Precision.
  • CAD
  • Keyence
  • Optical comparator
  • Taylor-Hobson Talysurf
  • Western Air Gaging
  • Zeiss CMM (16 onsite)
  • Zeiss Micura
  • ​ZYGO Laser Interferometer


  • Tolerances of .0001” (Turning)
  • ​Turning capacity: From .125” to 1.5” in diameter, and up to 3 feet in length
  • ​Tolerances of .02” and flatness of .001” (Milling)
  • ​Versatility: We can machine nearly any material needed, from stainless steel (330, 17-4, 455 and 465), to titanium, to Inconel (718 and 625), to A286, to cobalt chrome and copper.
  • ​Volume: We can handle production runs of any size, from one to 100,000 pieces.
  • ​Responsiveness: 24-hour turnaround for quotes
  • ​Hard Turning: Our WASINO G07 and JJ1 lathes are capable of turning steel with hardness values up to 68 Rc.


Whatever you need, we can do it. Click now to speak with a project engineer or development engineer. We’ll help solve your challenge and get you a quote.


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