A rural farming community nestled in the northeast corner of Whitley County Indiana is where C&A calls home. Just 20 minutes north of Fort Wayne and a couple hour drive to Indianapolis, Detroit, or Chicago makes it an ideal place to live and work.

The first known settlers were David Craig and William Walker, but the real history of the small town of 1,800 began in 1847. Previously, it was divided by a set of railroad tracks with the north side being called Franklin and the south side Union. An effort to get a post office in the small town would fail because there was already a town by the name of Franklin, so a new one had to be chosen.

The Americans had just won an important victory in Churubusco, Mexico in August of 1847, in the Mexican-American war. A local resident (Mrs. Jackson) who had a relative in the battle suggested that it would be very patriotic for the town to be named after the battle - and so it became. The application was sent and granted in November 1847.

To this day many people who are not from the area have a hard time pronouncing the name of our little town and the easiest way to say it is chair-uh-bus-koh.

Oscar (Town Mascot):

The first "official" sighting was in 1948, though there were reports as far back as 50 years before by a farmer on a 7-acre lake near his farmhouse. A giant, prehistoric turtle, deemed "uncatchable" at the time, and reported to be hundreds of years old.

Unpredictable by nature, and often impish, the giant turtle was affectionately given the name "Oscar." The quiet little town of Churubusco quickly became known as "Turtle Town U.S.A."

Through the late '40's, there were constant low flying planes, bumper-to-bumper traffic, thousands of visitors, reporters from numerous metropolitan newspapers, zoologists from big city zoos, and even representatives of National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution flocking in and around Churubusco, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Oscar. Churubusco was on the map.

Then, just as quickly as everyone heard about Oscar, he was gone. Since the ‘50’s, there have been no”official” sightings, though "unofficial" sightings still abound.