Curvic Grinding

Curvic grinding has become a niche at C & A with our Klingelnberg grinder.

OD Grinding

From manual to CNC, our OD grinders are capable of handling the most difficult and complex work from any market.


High volume requirements have warranted automation. Allowing operators to do checks while machine is loaded/unloaded.


High precision CNC ID grinding with capabilities to 20" diameter.

Grinding Capabilities

Some refer to what we do as a metalworking craft. Some even refer to us as master craftsmen. At C&A 
Tool, we know tooling as an art—and producing the finest quality products from the finest tooling—is a 
fine art.

You can utilize one our specialized services—any combination—or all. We specialize in the very difficult job. The most complex molds and dies. Special tooling. In production runs of tightly toleranced, highest precision products. Of any size. Prototype runs, interim production or full production runs. Runs may be one or a million.

Additional Services

Industries We Serve